The HKUST software engineering and programming languages community hosts a bi-weekly seminar series at 11 am on Wednesday or Friday. To receive seminar announcements, please subscribe to the "sepl-seminar" mailing list.

Upcoming Talks

Date Room Speaker Topic
27 Sep 2023 (Wed) at 2:30 pm 3520 Hitarth Singh Algebro-geometric Algorithms for Template-based Synthesis of Polynomial Programs (OOPSLA 2023)
3520 (Zoom) Giovanna Kobus Conrado The Bounded Pathwidth of Control-flow Graphs (OOPSLA 2023)
9 Oct 2023 (Mon) at 4 pm LTF Naijun Zhan (ISCAS) Synthesizing (Differential) Invariants by Reduction Non-Convex Programming to SDP(CSE Seminar)
12 Oct 2023 (Thu) at 11 am TBD Naijun Zhan (ISCAS) Non-Linear Interpolant Synthesis and its Application to Program Verification
13 Oct 2023 (Fri) TBD Zhuo Cai Asparagus: Automated Synthesis of Parametric Gas Upper-bounds for Smart Contracts (OOPSLA 2023)
Ahmed Zaher Exploiting the Sparseness of Control-flow and Call Graphs for Efficient and On-demand Algebraic Program Analysis (OOPSLA 2023)
18 Oct 2023 (Wed) TBD Ishan Bhanuka Getting into the Flow: Towards Better Type Error Messages for Constraint-Based Type Inference (OOPSLA 2023)
Yuandao Cai A Cocktail Approach to Practical Call Graph Construction (OOPSLA 2023)
Week of 6 Nov 2023 ?
Week of 20 Nov 2023 ? (Tentative: Practice talks for FSE)
Week of 4 Dec 2023 ?

Past Talks

Date Room Speaker Topic
22 Sep 2023 (Fri) at 9 am - 6 pm IAS4042 Seminar Room, 4/F, Lo Ka Chung Building Multiple Invited Speakers Emerging Trends in Software Development Workshop 2023 (IAS Workshop)
18 Sep 2023 (Mon) at 4 pm LTF Dirk Riehle (University of Erlangen) Creating a ROS 2 distribution (CSE Seminar)
13 Sep 2023 (Wed) 3523 Kim-Ee Yeoh (invited speaker) Why Johnny Can’t Monad: Debugging the Infinite Loop of Monad Tutorials
15 Sep 2023 (Fri) 5510 Chenglin Wang Solving Conditional Linear Recurrences for Program Verification: The Periodic Case (OOPSLA 2023)
7 Sep 2023 (Thu) at 3:30 pm Kaisa Group Lecture Theater (IAS LT), Lo Ka Chung Building Carlo Ghezzi (Politecnico di Milano) Reflecting on the Digital Revolution: From a Historical Perspective to a Call for Action (IAS Seminar)
1 Sep 2023 (Fri) Zoom Tsz On Li Nuances are the Key: Unlocking ChatGPT to Find Failure-Inducing Tests with Differential Prompting (ASE 2023)
Dongwei Xiao PHYFU: Fuzzing Modern Physics Simulation Engines (ASE 2023)
Zhenlan Ji PERFCE: Performance Debugging on Databases with Chaos Engineering-Enhanced Causality Analysis (ASE 2023)
18 Aug 2023 (Fri) 4213 Petr Novotný (Masaryk University) Code and Design Safety of Probabilistic Systems
18 Aug 2023 (Fri) 4475 Julian Dolby (IBM) Automatically Debugging AutoML Pipelines Using Maro: ML Automated Remediation Oracle (CSE Seminar)
7 Aug 2023 (Mon) at 4 pm 2463 Zu-Ming Jiang (ETH Zurich) Effective Bug Detection for Database Management Systems: Complex-Query Generation and Oracle Construction (CSE Seminar)
4 Aug 2023 (Fri) 3523 Yuandao Cai Place Your Locks Well: Understanding and Detecting Lock Misuse Bugs (USENIX Security 2023)
Zhibo Liu Decompiling x86 Deep Neural Network Executables (USENIX Security 2023)
14 Jul 2023 (Fri) 3523 Jiajun Hu ωTest: WebView-Oriented Testing for Android Applications (ISSTA 2023)
Haoyang Ma Fuzzing Deep Learning Compilers with HirGen (ISSTA 2023)
12 Jul 2023 (Wed) 3523 Yuzhou Fang Beyond “Protected” and “Private”: An Empirical Security Analysis of Custom Function Modifiers in Smart Contracts (ISSTA 2023)
Zhibo Liu Exploring Missed Optimizations in WebAssembly Optimizers (ISSTA 2023)
7 Jul 2023 (Fri) 3523 Huaxun Huang ConfFix: Repairing Configuration Compatibility Issues in Android Apps (ISSTA 2023)
23 Jun 2023 (Fri) 3523 Andong Fan super-charging Object-Oriented Programming through Precise Typing of Open Recursion (ECOOP 2023)
Chengpeng Wang Synthesizing Conjunctive Queries for Code Search (ECOOP 2023)
21 Jun 2023 (Wed) 4475 Yi Li (Nanyang)Finding Permission Bugs in Smart Contracts with Role Mining (CSE Seminar)
7 Jun 2023 (Wed) Zoom Haoran Xu (Stanford) Deegen: a meta-compiler approach for high performance VMs at low engineering cost
29 May 2023 (Mon) 5566 Wing Lam (GMU) Systematic and Lightweight Techniques to Preempt Flaky Tests (CSE Seminar)
26 May 2023 (Fri) 3523 James Koppel (Mirdin) Meta-metaprogramming (CSE Seminar)
10 May 2023 (Wed) 3523 Zhenlan Ji CC: Causality-Aware Coverage Criterion for Deep Neural Networks (ICSE 2023)
Chengpeng Wang Verifying Data Constraint Equivalence in FinTech Systems (ICSE 2023)
Dongwei Xiao Metamorphic Shader Fusion for Testing Graphics Shader Compilers (ICSE 2023)

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